Steve O’Dell

My name is Steve O’Dell. I am 21. I enjoy reading, learning and improving myself. I really want to change the world, and I often feel indebted to human society. After all, I didn’t build the roads I drive on everyday or grow the delicious coffee beans I crave so intensely. After so much as been given to me, I feel the need to give back.

At this point in my life, I’m still young(amen to that). And while I’m young, I want to focus on learning and improving 1% each day. This way my skills and knowledge double every 72 days. If I can do that for a few years, I will be in good shape. If I can do that for 20 years, I will be ready to take the world head on. For now though, I’ll stick to books.

The “purpose” of this blog is to document the journey. To document growth, tragedy, and success. This is the blog about life.

Steve O’Dell

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